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I was raised a Christian, and baptized at 13 years old. By 16 however, I strayed away from my church and from my religion completely. It never really crossed my mind again until recently;​ ten years later.

I have not lived the hardest life of anyone out there, but I haven'​t lived the easiest either. I'​ve definitely had more than my fair share of hardships. Abusive relationships, major financial troubles, mental illness, single parenting of three children, and so on. You get the point.

Things recently haven'​t been horrible by any means, but trying to say the least. In the last year my mental illness has pushed me to rock bottom and I lost my job. However, I began a relationship with a wonderful man that treats me like a princess and treats my children as if they were his own. However, he lost his job also. Long story short, the stress of it all was tearing us all apart.

In the last month, I'​ve felt this "​pull"​ to get back in touch with God. So finally I decided to act upon that. I began reading my Bible from the beginning. I began praying every day, several times a day. And every morning at the same time I listen to a short sermon on my favorite local radio station. I followed a lesson I learned elsewhere, saying I could become independent through dependence on God. I admitted I had no real control over my life, and I admitted that "​making my own fate"​ was failing me horribly. Almost immediately I felt like a brand new person. No, we don'​t have money falling at our feet;​ we work hard every day just to make the bare minimum to keep our heads above water. BUT - my anxiety, fear and anger have almost disappeared completely, which is honestly a miracle to me. I'​m happy. I see clearly every day how blessed I am for all that I DO have. I have the ambition and motivation to take the necessary steps to make things better;​ the things I can control, that is. As for everything else - I put all of that in God'​s hands, and he has been more than generous already. My quality of life has multiplied tenfold since I handed myself over to God. I'​m not exaggerating, not one bit. It truly amazes me.
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Recently after a heated discussion about abortion, I retreated to the solitude of my prayer closet. I cried out to God about why in the world was I a part of that conversation and how was I to handle the outcome of that conversation. I was frustrated, sad and felt completely alone. It was at that moment that a scripture was dropped on my heart –​ Ezekiel 2:7.

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God lifted me up when i was in Depression he lifted me up. He gave me hope. I love God because he has been with me trough everything and he comforts me and loves me. Thank you Lord.